Thursday, December 30

[Nature always wins]
So 110,00 people are dead. That's biblical. There were locust infestations throughout Africa back in the fall. And there's been crazy el Nino-like weather in this country for months. Now I'm not much for believing in the mythology of organized religion and its constant doomsday outlook, but it seems that things are spinning more and more out of control. It could just be that I'm paying attention now that I'm older, and seeing more international crises because I'm actually tuned in. But 110,000 people wiped out suddenly because of a giant wave is pretty scary and makes me feel pretty vulnerable not only to human-inflicted perils but the random tyranny of the earth's mood swings.

I'm still waiting for someone to find a way to blame this whole disaster on the gays.

I would like to help somehow: donate money, food, water, clothes, whatever. The most comprehensive listing of relief sites is here. It's really too bad that at a time like this, the U.S. is so far in the hole thanks to that pesky economy and that silly war we forgot about, we can't help out more.


Blogger Carson Day said...

This blogger never offers anonymous comments. 2 brief points: 1. Not all religious outlooks are pessimistic in their eschatological outlooks -- just the goofy ones. 2. Sodomites are not nearly so easily implicated in the 9.0 disaster as are idolaters. Indonesia is the largest majority-muslim nation on earth, Sri Lanka is some 70-ish% Thervada Buddhist, etc. If one cannot learn from the bible that God hates idolatry -- it is on every third page or so in some form or other -- then one simply cannot read, or else one can read, but has got his hands on the politically-correct, gender-neutral, New American Perversion of the week.

And no, I didn't vote for George Bush, John Kerry, Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. All hostile rejoinders should be posted at We also accept carefully thought out, civil-toned ripostes, but only by special permission.

Thank You

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