Friday, January 28

[I'm a Memphian]
I've been thirsty for internet access for days, and here I am at my parents' and I'm too lazy to write much. We're all moved in though not entirely unpacked. Billy and Amber came along to help us, which moved the process along a great deal. The apartment is nice, though it has its quirks. We have an unexpected fireplace and French doors that we didn't request (and aren't paying for). They're nice and bourgeois. It rules to not have to worry about neighbors below. The ferrets have so much room to hide now. We really have to keep an ear tuned in to where they are, since Gonzo especially has taken a liking to crawling up inside the oven, which is un-ferret-proofable.

I'm in Saltillo for a couple of days visiting. I start the job Monday at 2 p.m. The nervousness hasn't hit yet.

Time Warner is coming to hook up the 'net Tuesday. I'll post pics soon.
One more thing. The domain and, consequently, blog will undergo some major changes in the next few weeks. I'm going to transition out of Geocities so I don't have to pay so much. Now that I can handcode my pages, I don't need their PageBuilder service. And it's time for a real redesign from the ground up. I'm thinking of shortening the URL to ( is taken) since hyphens in a URL are a pain in the proverbial ass. Anyway, it's a slow-moving thought.


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