Sunday, January 23

[If I wanted lame and needy, I'd call Milhouse]
Everything is packed (we think). We are exhausted and I'm feeling a little queasy from all the Lysol/Resolve/Windex/tub cleaner/Clorox I breathed today.

Last night the Kids gathered at Nick's for a bit and drank SoCoCokes and rehashed memories of the good old days. K&J got Phil and me a sweet, shaggy hallway rug that the ferrets are going to love, and Jimmy painted Phil a White Stripes portrait that will probably form the basis of a soon-to-be-built shrine. Brandon gave me an awesome color index book that I've thought about buying several times but could never afford. It's page after page of color combinations and their CMYK, RGB, and web values. I can gaze at it for hours. Preeeeetty.

Anyway, I won't have internet access for a while, so I'll update whenever I can.


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