Thursday, April 15

You were right when you said all we are is dust in the wind
Last night, putting the paper together was like giving birth. Hours of waiting, pushing and exhaustion.

Jason was chosen as the new editor. Congrats to him. I know the committee had a hell of a time trying to decide between candidates. Amanda and Kristin both would have been awesome choices as well. I tip my hat to them all. Though I won't be working for Sidelines in the fall, I will remain a vocal and vehement supporter.

I downloaded and have been using Mozilla to alleviate some of my internet woes, but I'll be damned if you can't use Blogger with it. So here I am, wincing through an IE session just to get my posting fix. I better hurry and get off before I'm attacked by insidious pop-ups and downloads I didn't approve. Bwah.

It's 8 a.m. I think I'll go in early to work at the library so I can be off tonight. I would really like to go see the winning films at the student film festival, but Phil has dreamt of making a pot roast for the past couple of days, and he might do it tonight.


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