Friday, December 14

Day 347 — Cords

[for Thursday, Dec. 13]

cords — dec 13

Jack has an eating disorder. It's called "Feed Me All The Time or I Will Chew On Your Phone Line Until Your Internet Disconnects." Luckily for his fat ass, I happened to have another long phone cord (pictured above) stowed in the closet for just such a stupid emergency (and saraclark has suggested I coat it with the spicy juices of a hot pepper).

Really, though, he has some food issues. He's already getting a fat pouch — you know, the hangy flap beneath the belly — and he is just eight months old. He whines incessantly every time I enter the kitchen because he thinks I'm in there to feed him. When I do feed him, he snarfs down his food like he only has three more seconds to live. He bullies Sally so that he gets to eat the bulk of the food I put out (even though I feed them in separate bowls to cut down on the competing). And you are already familiar with his desire to eat Felix's food.

So, Phil — he of the vet clinic experience and animal whispering abilities — has suggested that I put out food for Sally first, and guard it while she eats alone. Then, when she's totally done (has walked away and started cleaning herself), I can let him eat and he won't feel like he has to compete.

We tried this last night and again this morning. Jack hates me and the world, naturally. But he's going to get over his issues one way or another.

Any other cat owners had a similar problem that was easily fixed?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homer Raincat developed dominance eating issues when we added another cat to the house. He eats first,often and before anyone else. We haven't found any solutions and the other cats haven't died of starvation but it does annoy my sense of fairplay.

After a year of reduced calorie food, Homer Raincat still managed to gain weight(20+lbs and growing) and the others are normal sized. We're going back to regular food and he can just eat himself into Jabba the Hut size. You might end up with Jack the Hut.


Fri Dec 14, 03:32:00 PM  
Blogger Jerm said...

I do have the same type of problem. Zoe screams at us from 6am until we feed her. Krissi has developed a habit of exiling the cat from the bedroom when she starts howling. When we do feed her, she wolfs it down as though it were a race. The other cat is a more delicate eater, and sometimes gets shoved aside, but both seem to get enough to sustain themselves. It helps that we give the animals treats before we leave for work, dog biscuits for the dogs, some dry cat food that Cisco thinks is some kind of special treat, and nothing for Zoe, because despite that she will chew your leg off to get some moist food, she turns her nose up at Cisco's treats. Zoe will eat other dry food normally though.

So uh.. no, I have no solution, I'm afraid - aside from feeding them separately. Maybe put a closed door between them when eating?

Fri Dec 14, 04:40:00 PM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

Maevis has a fat pouch. I like to squeeze it. It feels like a sack of cottage cheese.

The vet said she was getting chunky, so I'm thinking of buying a bungee cat leash and walking her around the neighborhood.

Tue Dec 18, 10:43:00 PM  

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