Wednesday, November 28

Day 332 — Map

map — nov 28

Some day.

Project 365

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Blogger fearlessvk said...

i was staring at the map on my shower curtain yesterday, and i realized i knew absolutely nothing about moldova. so i read the wikipedia entry about moldova. anytime you want to know any really basic information about moldova, i'm your point person.

i have no idea why i just felt compelled to share this.

Thu Nov 29, 11:01:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Haha, that's awesome. I kind of had a similar moment with Mongolia while taking this picture, but I am intellectually lazy and didn't look anything up. :)

Thu Nov 29, 12:12:00 PM  
Blogger fearlessvk said...

mongolia is actually fascinating. i kind of want to go there someday. it's one of the least dense, least populated, least modernized places in the world. something like a third of the people in the country live a nomadic lifestyle. the landscape is all these crazy, barren steppes, that get bitterly freezing in the winter. also, they play some really weird sport there that involves throwing sheep ankle bones at distant targets. seriously.

incidentally, the reason i know all of this is because i was at trivia one night and they asked what the capital of mongolia was, and i realized i had absolutely no idea, and i felt guilty, so once again i read the wikipedia entry about mongolia.

mongolia is definitely more interesting than moldova.

Thu Nov 29, 05:02:00 PM  

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