Friday, November 9

Day 313 — $500

$500 — nov 9

And to think I could have just let nature take its course and then turned a profit on the bounty of kittens that would have followed. I know, I know. The world does not need more inbred kittens, no matter how cute they are.

So these two smell like the vet clinic now. That's weird. But they're acting fine and not shunning me at all. Jack's filling the gaping void left in his manhood with food, lots and lots of food. Sally is trying to figure out why those jerks shaved her belly.

They're feeling good enough to jump on the damn kitchen counter when I'm not looking, so all is well. Joke's on them, though — now I can't afford food to keep on the counter anyway.

Hee, I kid because I love.

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Blogger Justin W. McGregor said...

My last shelter cat cost me $1200 in the first month. You got a bargain :)

That said, I'm totally wanting another kitten... 3 just doesn't seem like enough.

Fri Nov 09, 01:40:00 PM  

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