Tuesday, October 23

Day 293 — This Is How Actual Designers Feel About the Design of the Movie Paper

[for Saturday, Oct. 20]

this is how actual designers feel about the design of the movie paper — oct 20

Movie fatigue set in big time when I strolled into the office Saturday — already a cruel joke snickered by the universe — and was immediately informed that my desk would be unavailable for work. Instead, I'd have truck it back to the sports department to do my damn job. There was movie equipment — lights, boards, monitors, etc. — all around my cube. Movie people were standing around, looking at me like I was in their way. I couldn't even get to my filing cabinet. So I grabbed my dummies and my art and my pen and was whisked away so they could resume whatever they were doing that I was disrupting. I felt like a refugee. I knew that it would be tough to make it back to my desk for the rest of the night, even if I forgot something.

Not the best way to start a workday.

Sequestered in the sports cave, those of us whose desks had been taken over tried to get accustomed to the sports computers, which are small (sucks for designers) and without all the bells and whistles of our own (namely, we had to revert to corporate webmail, which lagged all night).

What a pain.

A few times I snuck out into the newsroom to watch the filming. Kate Beckinsale's character walks through the newsroom and gets greeted by several of my co-workers. Everyone hoots and hollers when the staff gets nominated for Pulitzers.

I think by that night everyone was pretty ready for the movie people to pack up and leave. It's cool being a part of something like that, but it's still incredibly annoying to be inconvenienced and then feel like you're the one in the way. It has been so hectic and weird in that place since they came. They've completely destroyed the newsroom and are supposed to put it back together before they leave.

They're supposed to be gone when I get in tomorrow.

Watch eBay for any items they left behind.

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