Friday, September 21

Day 264 — Vet

vet — sept 21

We got the first round of shots out of the way today; boosters come in three weeks. Then the requisite snip-snip to make sure we end up with no inbred babies. Yes, I know I should have done this a month or two ago, but if I didn't always procrastinate until the very last minute, my life would contain absolutely no excitement. And what is more exciting than having to watch your cat all the time to make sure she doesn't go into heat and get humped by her brother?

I wish my little video camera worked so I could record how big the kitties have gotten and their silly teenage antics, which now include toilet paper capers and chasing shadows on the wall (or are they chasing shadow people?). Ol' Jack the Fatty up there is a whopping 8 pounds, while the Sally the Runt registers 5 pounds, 9 ounces. Both got clean bills of health and several coos from the vet, who was smitten with Jack's markings. He's a stud, that one.

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