Tuesday, September 18


Saturday morning I woke up and hitched a ride with The Harmony Brothers down to the Farmer's Market, where they performed while I took it easy and observed the mid-morning bustle and give-and-take of crunchy liberal consumerism. It was quite pleasant.

And lo and behold, who did I see but reader Barry, who not only chatted with me for a bit but also offered me an awesome treat he'd purchased from Bun in the Oven, a local bakery I'm ashamed to admit I've never once visited. I'm not sure what he offered me, but I think it was a carmelita (it had caramel and chocolate and god knows what other confectionery delights contained within its brownielike form). And holy crap, people, that damn thing was amazing. No doubt it was five thousand calories of awesomeness, but it packed the same amount of punch as three cups of coffee and suddenly I was awake and ready to take on the day.

And then I had a honey straw and remembered that I don't much care for honey.

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