Monday, July 9

Day 187 — Work

[for July 6]

work -- july 6

Forgot my real camera. Forgot to take a real picture. So here's a lovely crapphone view of my desk at work. I'll let you guess what's going on in that picture on my computer.

See, Lesley had to come into town and distract me with lunch at the Pizza Cafe (which I lurve despite my general wishy-washiness toward pizza) and tales of her mother and her mother's crazy cats; crazy garden-destroying wildlife; Memphis men; Nashville's lack of good ethnic food; starting your own business; and lots of other good stuff (did I punctuate that sentence even close to correctly?). And, later that night, she introduced me to FreakEngine, a Memphis improv comedy troupe that's been around for ten years but yet that I've never once checked out (stupid, because it was a good time, especially since I somehow accidentally made it inside without paying the $5 admission fee). I happened to catch Dominic Dierkes, Memphis native and current member of Derrick Comedy, in a homecoming performance with the troupe. He was hilarious. They all were. Until the audience got to play along and improv during "freeze tag." Then it was kind of weird and tense. Because I was never really sure who was on crack and who wasn't. And most people in the audience just aren't fucking funny.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, because I laughed way too much to let random wiseasses from the audience (including the gargantuan seat-stealer) taint the night.

*Here's more of Dominic Dierkes' comedy:

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