Saturday, June 16

Bonnaroo blogging

I always get bummed out when Bonnaroo rolls around and I'm not there. Why can't I ever seem to pony up the $200 in time to get my ass to Manchester?

Luckily there are local eyes and ears there for me (and I'm constantly checking the wire at work to see what the latest is; there's been a death already).

EJ over at Loudersoft is blogging and taking pictures, and the CA has a reporter there blogging at M3mphis. Plus there's an AP photo slideshow here.



Anonymous Lesley said...

There were, oh, 85-90,000 people (including staff, etc) roaming around 700 acres and I ran into Jody. Imagine my surprise. He didn't mention he was blogging about it, though. Huh.

Mon Jun 18, 09:49:00 AM  

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