Wednesday, April 11

Internet, I need a favor

If you have a moment — and I know you do, between refreshing the Drudge Report and gawking at Suicide Girls — please click here and leave comment that says, simply, "Team Awesome as Hell."

For those of you with functioning curiosity nodes, allow me to explain why you should do this thusly:

My pal Shane, a fabulous illustrator, is involved in some friendly illustratorly fisticuffs over at Fist-A-Cuffs. The basic premise is that a whole bunch of illustrators pair off and create superhero teams to challenge one another. Readers vote on which team would beat the asses of the other team, and the winners advance to the next slot on the bracket.

Let's help The Trampoline take his horrible springs to the next level (note the mangled arm in his left arm-spring — shocking!).


UPDATE, 4.12.06 @ 1 p.m.: Well, they duked it out and it was a close one, but Hackenslash slid through with just a few more votes than TAAH. Thank you to everyone who surfed on over to vote. No worries, though. The Trampoline will spend his retirement as a spokesthing for children's playtime safety, and Garrison Ghostsinger has a promising career ahead of him in supernatural anti-alt-emo.



Blogger Dean Trippe said...

it was a damn good fight. the trampoline was the easily most formidable opponent tree-man has ever faced.

tree-man talked about the fight a bit

Sat Apr 14, 01:05:00 AM  

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