Tuesday, January 23

Day 23 — Algae

algae — Jan 23

I got my first good look at that lake (lake? pond? large puddle?) in Overton Park today. I'd hung out over there a couple of times before, sitting and stewing and even walking the trails. But today I actually walked around the lake, and marveled at the fluorescent colors just beneath the murky surface.

Some guy walking his dog mistook me for a guy. His dog came bounding up to me, and despite my high-pitched, "Hey, puppy!", the guy, looking miffed, said to his dog, "Hey! Get off 'im!" And unless he mistook me for two people (it's possible) and said, "Hey! Get off 'em," then my dudely getup — striped black jogging pants, a black hoodie (hoodie engaged, of course), and my hair pulled back — must have overpowered the girly babytalk I hurled at the pup. I will file this information away for future reference, when I will start the revolution by going undercover as Random Dude No. 12.

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Blogger Brandonian said...

Think of it as the royal we, except that it's the, uh, royal you...

Wed Jan 24, 01:16:00 AM  
Blogger John H said...

nice pic..cool colors. I can't think of a better random dude #12...hell, you might even work out to be a good #10 or 11.

Wed Jan 24, 06:26:00 PM  

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