Monday, September 18

I don't get 'Deal or No Deal'

... but I find it oddly compelling.

I mean, is the prospect of winning thousands of dollars in a guessing game so boring that they have to sweeten the deal with uniformly clad sexbots to open up the mysterious cases, each one "nervous" as if she's personally responsible for the case's contents?

Because I think a game where you can win thousands of dollars with no skill at all is pretty exciting, even without the sexbots.

The two-hour season primiere is on right now. The contestant is an Air Force officer or cadet of some sort. I'm guessing she's going to win the big bucks because this show is totally rigged and that would be a good corporate way to compensate for all the shitty things this country is doing to its men and women in uniform.

Why Howie Mandel had to be involved, we'll never know.


Anonymous john h said...

the more i watched this show last year, the more I believe that basic math skills must be missing in the public's education. People walking away from $90,000 for a 2% chance at a million (with all the other choices 2,000 bucks or less) just drive me crazy. I know that it's 'house money', but the stories that the people tell about needing money to pay off mountains of debt, or school, etc...maybe they need to teach math by showing people what the odds really are that you AREN'T going to win the lottery or a million bucks on this show...

The show is oddly compelling, but seeing all those folks, esp. with the advice of people who should know bettre (parents, older life-guides, etc.) cling to the hope of the big bucks no matter how ridiculous the odds still makes me sad.

Mon Sep 18, 10:37:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Yeah, like most everything else on network TV, the whole thing is kinda sad.

But if I went on that show, I'd probably press my luck 'til the end. Just to give the folks at home someone to root against.

Tue Sep 19, 12:25:00 PM  

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