Friday, September 8

First Lynnfield Place-related post since January

2005 was pretty much Lynnfield Place Sucks Year here at T&G. Sad to see that something so horrible -- exponentially worse than shoddy maintenance work and pissy office people -- would happen there:

Memphis police are questioning two people in the death of MPD Officer Tony Hayes.

Officers found a body Thursday night in the trunk of Officer Hayes’ 1999 Lexus at the Lynnfield Place Apartments in East Memphis. Investigators say the man had been shot. They believe it was Officer Hayes in the trunk but they are waiting on the medical examiner to confirm this.



Blogger Serrabee said...

I heard from a cop that it was his girlfriend they're questioning.
And yes, he was married as well.

Mon Sep 11, 05:38:00 PM  

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