Friday, March 10

Movie report ... now with F-bombs!

Here's all I can say for Disco Pigs: Meh.

Unfortunately, the disc had no subtitles, so I couldn't understand half of what was spoken since all of it was in thickly accented Irish (and Pig's was waaaaay harder to understand than everyone else's). This is particularly sad because, alas, it's my motherfucking mother tongue and it's ENGLISH, so it's not like it should be that hard to figure out.

Cillian Murphy is an exquisite-looking man, for sure, but I spent the entire film wondering if he was retarded or just speaking in an exaggerated regional dialect or both or what.

The movie also shed some light on the fact that all of Ireland's police must now be employed in the states (hyuk!). I mean, Pig and Runt go around bashing people's noses and skulls in and pulling down their pants and kicking them in the gut and stealing liquor and smashing bottles, but no one ever calls the cops. Just seemed odd to me. You beat the shit out of someone in a club with a crystal ashtray to the head about 10 times and the po-lice are gonna be on you lickety split just about anywhere else.

Except in a movie, perhaps.


The Aristocrats was OK. I'd never heard the joke, which is odd, since I do love a good incestual skullfucking joke. But then again, I don't hang out with Vaudeville veterans, so how could I have heard it?

I think this film would have been better if it was quite a bit shorter. Looks like it suffered from a bit of timid editing that allowed them to cram in as many comics as possible. Which is fine, I guess, because it gives you a chance to nap between the funny parts.

(Although, now that I look at its running time, it's only an hour and a half, which is about as short as a feature-length movie gets. So perhaps they could cut it down to 45 minutes or an hour and make it a bonus feature on the DVD of a really funny movie. Not starring Penn Jillette.)

Anyway. is it weird that I liked Bob Saget and the mime? (That sounds like a band name, if you're still looking, J.R.)


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