Friday, October 28

Dream seeds

Last night I posted about the lady who hung herself and was mistaken for a Halloween decoration. And then I went and dreamt about it. In my dream, the lady hung herself right outside her home, which was a trailer (I don't know if this was the case in real life). Her homemade gallows were right beside her cedar porch. And she had even taken care to dress herself up in rags and a hood, to look like a Halloween decoration. So, in my brain, the woman had a sense of humor even at the time of her self-inflicted demise. I'm fairly sure that's not how it happened, but how fabulous that my brain took hold of that story and made up a little movie for me to watch while I slept.

Between reading Spook and anticipating Halloween (which, for me, always has a fabulous buildup and then ends in an anti-climactic fizzle because I never actually do anything on Halloween), I've got spooky stuff on the brain constantly these days. So do these people.


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