Tuesday, November 29

From the dentist's mouth ...

I have three cavities and all my old resin fillings need to be replaced. Also, I'm grinding my teeth to the point where she thinks I should either take stress management courses or get a nocturnal mouthpiece, lest I give myself TMJ or grind them down to the nerve.

Going to the dentist and being told I have cavities always makes me feel like a bad person -- like the dentist is gauging my moral decay based on my tooth decay.

So I begin an entire year of expensive reparative dental work, which my insurance doesn't really cover (they like to stay on the preventative side of things). It will be good to get back into a dental routine, though. I used to go every six months like clockwork. Then I went to college and never got my own dentist. Then my mouth fell apart and I'm now I'm paying for it.


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