Monday, October 10

Lulling time into a sleepy stupor

I'm waiting for just the right moment to leave out to meet my mom in Whiteville to make the nephew exchange. It's either I dicker with the computer or I fall asleep.

Read this. It's kind of a big 'duh,' but I found it amusing since last night I was reduced to buying a $2 turkey-and-cheese Lunchables from the machine. The whole time I assembled my tiny cracker sandwiches, I felt like a second-class second-grader.

And for my heroin addict and crackhead readers, check this link out. At least someone's looking out for your safety. I guess as a dirty liberal, I'm supposed to think these little brochures are good for the community because they help inform the junkies and keep them from infecting each other and the rest of humanity with their dirty diseases. But I'm just skeeved out by the matter-of-fact descriptions of the proper place to shoot up and what to do if you accidentally hit an artery.

I stole these links from Fark.

OK, enough time killed. Interstate, ho!


Blogger Wendy said...

I dig the new blog look!

Mon Oct 10, 06:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what grossed me out in Naked Lunch. That and the protoplasm.

Tue Oct 11, 03:56:00 PM  

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