Saturday, August 20

[Of afterbirth and urban slang]
Originally, I had intended to write something about what has become my favorite search term to find this blog -- "placenta crunk" -- since spotting it on the site meter, but then last night I received an e-mail from the very woman who found the blog by using that phrase (there's a reasonable explanation, I assure you) and she is exceedingly cool and was complimentary of the blog and kind enough to pass on the links to her own blog and band's website. So it seems I have met a kind soul through this vast wasteland called the interweb, which is why I fell in love with it in 1995 to begin with. And I will add her blog to my list of daily must-reads (as well as the blogroll at right), and I encourage you all to go check out her band's music, which is a refreshing blitzkrieg of vagina-fueled punk rock.

Last night we hooked up the old computer and, lying level with it on the floor, browsed through the old photos and text documents to see just which life relics we'd forgotten about. It took about 10 minutes to boot up, so it might be a good idea to burn everything important onto a disc post-haste before the damn thing decides not to boot up at all. I have eleven chapters of a "book" on that hard drive that have been collecting e-dust for almost a year. And I think every paper I ever wrote in college is in there. Not that I need them, but still, it's nice to revisit them and remind myself up just what well-honed BSing skills I have (aside from the BSing skills I flex on this blog). And oh how I miss the $2 roller coaster game and all my Sims expansion packs, even though the machine could barely run them.

The CA is hiring a tech nerd to help amp up our Web site. If you're interested, check out this ad, apply, dazzle them with your interview skills, land the job and come keep me company. I think our site looks nice in its present state, but I understand (and encourage) the push to make it more interactive and more user-friendly. I would advocate dropping the registration requirement. And I'd love for us to create and run an aggregator for West Tennessee like Nashville is Talking, but I have no idea if that's even on the radar screen for us. I just want to point out that I found out about this job opening from NiT, which isn't ironic, but maybe coincidental or ... I don't know.


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