Thursday, April 17

A new toy!

i found a new camera feature!

Well, just a new feature I found on a toy I've had for a month now.

I was at my friend Ay's house the other night — you might remember her as my samesexheterodate from a couple of weeks back (let's just say we hit if off so well we skipped from first base to sliding into third by getting shooed out of the P&H for heckling open-mic comedians) — when she showed me the neat-o time-lapse movies her Coolpix would make, and in a fit of frame-rate envy, I discovered my Coolpix would not take time-lapse videos but just a string of 16 consecutive frames, which, while not nearly as cool as time-lapse video, still has its own artsy-fartsy potential that I will no doubt milk dry.

So I look forward to running this feature into the ground.

That's Ay's heater in the photo above. From the way she tells it, that damn thing is worthless, as it is always 22 degrees in her apartment.

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Blogger Squeaky Wheel said...

I use that feature a lot, usually to take photos of my animals. It's fun. :-)

Thu Apr 17, 11:10:00 AM  

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