Monday, August 13

Good morning

Just kidding. I'm actually heading to bed. My schedule's all jacked up thanks to a couple of extremely late nights I pulled — Friday night when Sarah was here and Saturday night when Theresa was here — that had me trying to doze off at 4 and 6 a.m. respectively. I'm not complaining at all; I very much enjoyed the company, even if I was a terrible host (I drug Sarah to Wal-Mart with me and didn't have any wine when Theresa got here). I'm just saying, now my sleep cycle's all cracked out. And, you know, I'm just making polite blog conversation to push that other whiny, navel-gazing post way down the page before I go to bed.

I hate waking up to one of those sappy, introspective posts that you wrote in a snit. I'm not going to take it down, but I will scowl at its existence and my general frame of mind these days. It gets tedious being such a cynical bitch.

Hmm. The cats are stirring and readying for their dawn wrestling match. Which they will conduct on my face. As long as I get up in time to go get a freaking haircut tomorrow (which, one would imagine, could be any time before 5 or so), I'll be golden.

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Blogger sarah saint said...

Psh, you're an awesome hostess! I'm sorry I kept you up so late.

Mon Aug 13, 08:52:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Ha! Don't be sorry. I'm sure you could tell by the rapid rate that I was shoving crackers and spreadable swiss into my mouth that I was happy to be awake. :)

Tue Aug 14, 10:39:00 AM  

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