Friday, August 17

Because they don't have enough toys

I made the switch to clumpable litter a few nights ago, because the recycled paper litter I'd been using (under the impression that Felix, like he did when we had Phoebe the cat back in Murfreesboro, would just burrow his head through kitty litter and make it basically impossible to use) was making me broke, broke, broke. That stuff is expensive. It's $22 per large bag, and with three animals, I go through two bags a month. Ridonkulous.

So, clumpable litter it is, and so far Felix has left it alone. Which also means he refuses to use it. But he aims for the "accident" paper nearby. So that's good enough for me.

The litter is working out, except it's presented the cats with a fabulous opportunity to take up turd hockey. I'm sure you can imagine exactly what I mean by that. Every night I come home and there's a little puck or two waiting to be discovered somewhere in the apartment. Can't wait until I find one in my bed.



Blogger Jason said...

Turd hockey, awesome!! Maybe when I find cat poop on the carpet I blame my border collie too often :)

Sun Aug 19, 02:54:00 AM  

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