Saturday, July 28

Mmmmm, chicken

I'm posting this from my living room. Turns out the blown fuse was so old that it crumbled when I tried to unscrew it, causing all the pretty fireworks. A new fuse has been professionally installed, and an on-call electrician is now $170 richer for five minutes of his time.



Anonymous grandefille said...


I'm just glad the chicken flavor wasn't you. Or the kittehs.

My Lord, that man needs to understand CODES VIOLATIONS. There's a difference in being overscheduled and putting people's lives and property at risk. And he just don't get it.

You do have renter's insurance, right? I know I sound like your momma, but gah. I b'lieve I'd suggest to that joker that stuff like this could be grounds for some nice negligence lawsuits if something ever were to happen. Not that it will, and not that you'd sue, but it would be much more expensive for him to go to court and pay a lawyer and damages (plus all the rebuilding expenses that his insurance probably wouldn't cove because of his negligent maintenance) than to pony up for some nice repairs and updates. Ahem. Nudge nudge. Bat bat.

Kiss your four-legged advisers for me. HarryCat sends snuggles to all.

Sat Jul 28, 05:32:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

The unfunny punchline to all this? HE'S A LAWYER. Ha!

And I will admit I don't have renter's insurance, but I sure as shit am going to get it soon.

The advisers have been smooched. Snuggles right back to HarryCat.

Sun Jul 29, 02:22:00 AM  

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