Monday, April 23

Perhaps if she punched her husband in the face it would have been more appropriate?

One of the hazards of working a night job is that you're around the house during the day's most insipid television programming, which I gobble up like any good lardy couch potato.

Sometimes I catch myself watching the baby block of shows on TLC, mouth gaping in horror and disbelief. During A Baby Story, I usually turn the volume way down. Childbirth sure does sound dirty sometimes, don't it?

Anyway, one of the dozen baby stories (I think it was a show called "Where Are They Now?" or something) that aired today featured an orange-faced woman with razor-thin eyebrows and her buzz-cut, big-eared husband recounting their first kid's birth three years ago.

In between clips of the woman grimacing and screaming and trying to push her kid out of her was a clip of her husband in a more recent interview talking about how his wife would let out these high-pitched screams during labor that began to really annoy him.

He says something like, "There were other ways she could have expressed her pain, but that's the way she chose." He chuckles at the memory of being so put out by his wife's loud labor pains.

Take note, laboring mothers. Some knob on TLC would like you to please try to think of the comfort of those around you when you get the urge to screech in pain while giving birth. It's just so annoying.

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