Monday, February 5

Day 36 — Johnny Rebelseed and the gang

Johnny Rebelseed — Feb 5

I spent a few hours at the parents' on my way back to Memphis today. Of course this involved me running around with my dad's camera and photographing everything that moved. Or sat still. But as much as I love taking little intimate still-life shots, it's always fun to get outside and get the dogs riled up so they'll make somewhat entertaining shots.

Johnny, the one-eyed bandit, takes less shit from people now that he has fought a car and won:


Nickel recalls fondly his childhood, which was spent inside the house:


Tanna, smelly and old, but so pitifully sweet:


And Timber, professional screen peeker and fetch diva:

Screen peek



Project 365


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every picture made me say, "Awww!" except the one where Johnny's about to bite Evan's hand off. That one got an "Ack!!"

Mon Feb 05, 10:42:00 PM  
Blogger John H said...

the pic of the dog at the window is almost heartbreaking..beautiful picture, Lindsey...

hmmm, in nashville last weekend, huh??

looks and sounds like there was fun to be had!

Mon Feb 05, 11:26:00 PM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

Johnathan Reb! He has become a bit snappier since his puppy days. Remember when he was ready to kill me because I wanted to stroke him as he slept?

To think, we would've missed all that had our dreams come true.

Tue Feb 06, 04:12:00 PM  

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