Friday, January 12

Just a simple caveman blogger; OR In which I let my bitch flag fly

It was my original intention to reply to this comment at NiT by some dude named Dave, explaining that what I meant by "the president's speech tonight was fine" was merely this: "Fine" as in not great, not horrible. Just ... meh. Satisfactory. He didn't have that smug grin on his face and he didn't say anything that sent me into fits of giggles. I thought it was professional and forceful enough to be called Presidential.

Whether his "new strategy" is "fine," I have no idea. I've long since stopped trying to guess what the hell is going to get us out of this catastrophuck (tm Jon Stewart). My point was this it is frustrating to hear Democrats tut-tut at the president's plan when virtually no other plausible plans have been floated (that I'm aware of, aside from "get the fuck out, now" or "blah blah blah posturing-cakes").

But once I did my homework (read: I clicked "Dave"'s name) and found that "Dave" is the proprietor of Lower Down, a seeminly progressive blog that exhibits some disturbingly misogynist tendencies, I decided I'd rather not make nice in the NiT comments, but rather come here to my own pad and talk shit about a dude who clearly has some fucking issues if he's cruising the notoriously sexist and racist No and finding "hilarious" graphics to share (see the giant remote to your right, har har). Oh, and shilling for Girls Gone Wild.

Now, I don't want to tell people how to live their lives or what to think or anything, but I will tell people to fuck off. So, Dave? Fuck off. Yes, I realize that makes me a "typical American bitch," but I'd much rather be one of those than any type of woman you might deign yourself to approve of.

Truly, I probably should have shrugged and moved on, but sometimes you just gotta call assholes out, even if it likely ensures that their attitudes will sour even further.

And while I'm in Bitch Mode, I need to take a cheap shot at Wintermute for the stunt he pulled last week. I have been sitting on a very mean, very lame joke for a long time and I need to let it out, because the BS he unleashed into the blogosphere (yeah, I said it) was totally uncalled for and I have not yet risen above my need to lash out at people who piss me off:

Dude, Farrah Fawcett called and she wants her wings back.


I feel much better.


Blogger TVonthefritz said...

If these people are liberals, the conserves can sure as fuck have them.

Fri Jan 12, 01:41:00 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

so, you think his plan is a good idea? to just make it all look fine in iraq till it goes to complete shit when the next president takes over in 08?

Sun Jan 14, 01:46:00 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

what he says on his blog must be accurate about you since you hate him so much. says this on his blog. can you relate?

An American woman has several fundamental problems that will never go away and that will get much worse a few years after she is married:

1. Her inherent anti-male bias and pre-occupation with fairness that was drilled into her at high school, college, and through the media. Her constant confrontations and trying to prove herself and to make a point.
2. Her self-centeredness, her ridiculously high expectations, her sense of entitlement, her high-maintenance, superficial, and stuck up attitude, her snootiness and her sense of superiority. This “princess” syndrome means that she will always think that she is better than you, and that she deserves and she is entitled to whatever she wants from you.
3. Her general mental instability and psychological disorders.
4. Her using sex as a weapon and reward to get things.

Sun Jan 14, 01:54:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Mike, I'm in no mood to debate the president's ideas. I have no fucking clue if they're with any merit at all. All I know is — what the hell else are we gonna do? Ideas? Ideas? Bueller?

Here's the thing, though, as much as I'd love to sit here in the middle of the goddamn night and debate foreign policy with you, I' m just gonna go ahead and tell you to fuck off too. Wanna know why?

Aside from your implying — strongly — that I exhibit the pathologies outlined in "Dave"'s post, the first post on your blog is something linking to — the official thong panty information headquarters! — which is kind of sad and hilarious all at the same time, but which exhausts me.

Because as much as you and I are probably in agreement that George W. Bush is a fucking gotard, I just can't align myself with you because you and your pal "Dave" are so clearly stuck in that twighlight period of under-evolved adolescence that plagues this nation's fine young men and renders them captive to the sparkling allure of always-available T&A, which, in your twisted mind, equals "women."

So, please feel free to fuck off.

Sun Jan 14, 02:03:00 AM  
Blogger TVonthefritz said...

Lindsey. Stop using your sex as a weapon. Gawd.

Sun Jan 14, 01:08:00 PM  

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