Tuesday, January 16

Day 16 — Temp

temp — Jan 16

A prickly 34 at around noon. Brrr.

My dad gave me this neat little thermometer that has a companion piece you keep inside that reads both the temperature outside and room temperature. It's a chilly 66 in my living room right now.

I came by this particular piece of weather gadgetry because my dad stopped by Wal-Mart and upgraded his own basic thermometer into a full-on home weather-predictin' station, complete with barometric pressure sensors and wind speed detectors (at least, I think that's what those little spinning melon-ballers do).

I was tempted to ask if having that thing stuck to the side of the house would end my parents' nearly religious devotion to the Weather Channel, but I refrained.

We all know the answer already.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watch the Weather Channel when nothing else is on.

Sat Jan 20, 11:44:00 AM  

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