Thursday, December 14

Midnight meme-ing

So, I'd like to write something that's not rife with grief or anger. What better way to inject some randomness into your little corner of cyber-tube than with a pointless meme?

Stolen shamelessly from Punkassblog, which stole it from Faux Real Tho.

I present to you the End of the Year Meme, where you post the first sentence from the first post of each month throughout the past year:

January: The guest blogging is over.
February: Time Warner won't be out to rewire/connect my cable/internet 'til the 16th.
March: I have a work hangover.
April: There is a particular type of legislative asshattery that steams my beans beyond all beany recognition.
May: Honestly, I couldn't love them more.
June: [on hiatus]
July: It's been nearly a month and a half since a post here, which isn't exactly a retirement, but it's damn close in the blogworld.
August: Y'all, I am so sorry for this weekend.
September: Nearly every day I eat at Subway.
October: I've long known that celebrities are more powerful than the rest of us, and that they have direct, unfettered access to one of the myriad ears of God in case they need someone smote for talking smack about their huge, diseased lips.
November: Did CNN just call Bob Corker "Joe Corker"?
December: Today within the span of an hour I got spambombed in the comments.

Wow, that was incredibly boring. Bring back the grief and anger!


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