Sunday, October 15

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, next!

T&G just got its first visitor from lovely Slough!

I don't know why but I think that is too freaking cool.


Blogger TVonthefritz said...

Honeychild. I like your original blog blurb: "Part of the feminist conspiracy to ruin your life and everything you hold dear." Or something like that. Too cute.

Mon Oct 16, 12:37:00 PM  
Blogger J. R. said...

To be fair- I once tried visiting your blog while waiting for a plane out of Heathrow. So I could have been your first visitor from Slough if the British Airports Authority wasn't so fascist.

Mon Oct 16, 10:45:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Fritz, I'll probably come back to that or some variation of it every now and again. Cuz it's true!

JR, you are a hit tease!

Mon Oct 16, 11:14:00 PM  

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