Saturday, October 14

Aunt B and me

Today I finally met Aunt B, and you all can rest easy because we decided not to set the revolution in motion just yet. It was too nice a day for bloodshed. Instead, we had lunch at some unremarkable downtown bistro and talked about those crazy Christians and the ways they spooked us away from a life of service to a Big Daddy in the Sky. Aunt B is as articulate and eloquent and fun in person as she is on her blog. I really wanted to tell her how much I value the work she does at Tiny Cat Pants, and how her feminism has enriched my own and constantly gives me something to strive for. But I'm dork so I didn't. But it's true.


Blogger Aunt B said...

Argh! You made me blush all over. But thanks. The feeling is mutual. You're one of the most articulate thoughtful feminist thinkers I read. We should have at least planned how we could take over

Well, next time.

Sun Oct 15, 09:07:00 AM  

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