Saturday, December 3

An update

It occurs to me that I never posted an update on my grandmother's situation.

Turns out the mass is caused by the thinning of her stomach muscles. Or something like that. The important thing is, it's not a malignant cancerous tumor.

And for that I am so grateful.


Blogger oskiesmom said...

I had a special closeness to my dad's mother, who lived in east Knoxville until almost the age of 94 and left this world in 1997. She would have been 102 last Wednesday. She took a piece of me with her, no doubt. The interesting thing about grandparent deaths: It is as if you must now climb down off someone's lap, because you are no longer a child. They are the last people to make you feel that way.

Here's to Grandmaw -- health and life.

Sat Dec 03, 07:53:00 AM  
Blogger nashgirl said...

I'm glad to hear that, Lindsey.

Sun Dec 04, 10:00:00 PM  

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