Friday, December 2

Some things that frighten/shock/dismay/anger me

• Drinking Coke out of a smelly can
• Quietly enjoying a bowl of soup and conversation when Howey starts making awful, loud, cat-in-horrific-pain noises, only to discover that he's fighting with some stray cat through the front window
• Trying to sleep with a cat repeatedly shoving his paw in my face
• Waking up and coming downstairs to discover that the reason I woke up all tense and in a ball is because it's 55 degrees in this shitty apartment
• Knowing that even if I turn the heater on full blast, it won't even top 60 in the living room because our ventilation sucks
• Knowing for sure that I chose an industry and a profession that I won't be able to retire in
• The fact that I still have not gotten my oil changed
• Wondering if this has anything to do with why my car hasn't started the first time I've tried it for five straight days now
• Realizing that my teeth grinding habit happens while I'm awake, not when I'm asleep


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