Monday, November 14

Monday business

Ah, the pleasant sound of a cat scratching in the litterbox. Howey (I thought it was spelled "Howie" until I saw a vet receipt) looks so ridiculous when he's doing his business. He just looks put out and annoyed, with his head embarrassingly sticking out of the box. See for yourself.

Last night we saw Zathura, which was actually really cute and funny. There are some space-time continuum conflicts I couldn't quite wrap my brain around (I think they jettisoned those concerns since it's a kids' movie), but it's a movie about a board game. I can't expect perfection in the verisimilitude department.

Anyway, it's worth seeing at the least for the kids in it, who do a fabulous job of conveying the tension and the hilarity of sibling rivalry.

Today I think we might be going to Tunica to see what sort of trouble we can get into.


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