Saturday, November 12

Copy editing humor

Well, this can be enjoyed by anyone who likes their Saturday evening news with a dose of schadenfreude.

DANBURY, Conn. -- The News-Times has apologized and fired a copy editor who put an offensive caption on its Web page under a photo of a girls' high school soccer team.

The Immaculate High School girls' team was celebrating a goal scored in a championship-clinching win Nov. 5. The newspaper's Web site published a photograph of the jubilant team, but said it was celebrating a teammate's decision to "come out of the closet as a lesbian."

Oh, that's good stuff. Read the whole story here.

Cox, you'll have to refresh my memory about what happened at the paper that accidentally printed a dummy headline that called some guy a donkey fucker or something. It's a miracle that "subhed goes here here and here" is the worst thing we ever let slip in Sidelines.

(Via Fark)


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