Friday, November 11

It's good to have plans

It occurs to me that if I don't start making plans and aggressively pursuing them, I'm not going to get anything done for the rest of my life. Or the weekend. So here goes.

Shit I need to do by Tuesday:

  • Get the oil in my car changed
  • Make a dentist appointment for a check-up
  • Make a gyno appointment to have this raging blister checked out
  • Make sure everyone knows that last one was a joke
  • Well, half of it was a joke
  • Let people guess which half
  • Stop getting sidetracked by making stupid jokes
  • Finish making my sister a DVD of her wedding photos
  • Write FOX a letter condemning their decision to cancel "Arrested Development" and encourage people to visit Save Our Bluths
  • Clean out the coat closet so giant roaches will stop living in it
  • Buy white acrylic paint, various canvasses, and some decoupage materials for a snazzy gift I plan to make for one of my pals
  • Actually start working on all the homemade gifts I'm planning for those few (un)lucky friends and relatives destined to receive them
  • Mail out new and improved letter to Bob Glenn, requesting that Sidelines' new adviser not be a meddling monster with a say over who gets to be editor next

Shit I want to do in the next five years:

  • Master html editing
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit the West Coast
  • Take a digital photography class
  • Get three short stories or poems published by respected magazines or anthologies
  • Go back to school to work toward either master's degree or secondary bachelor's in something unrelated to journalism
  • Start contributing to my 401(k)
  • Learn how to cook
  • Make Adobe CS2 -- all of it -- my bitch ... just in time for CS 3, 4, and 5
  • Pursue some community volunteer opportunities
  • Finish my "novel" and shop it around
  • Start and finish that other "novel" I've got knocking around in my head
  • Celebrate the end of George W. Bush's presidency like it's 1999
  • Paint my dad a battlefield landscape he'd be proud of and I wouldn't be ashamed to show to people
  • Make a major investment, like buy a car or house
  • Buy a house only if I feel like I've found a city to call home
  • Make some fucking friends wherever I happen to be living
  • Make a 10-year plan

Like any good list, this one is bound to be changed, ignored, etc.


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