Saturday, September 3

[The giving goes on]

I, like all of my fellow pinko bleeding-heart quasi-socialist brothers and sisters, like to frown and mutter when giant soul-sucking corporations are the topic of conversation, but I recognize that they do good things too, like donating millions to the Katrina relief effort. I won't quibble over their profit margins vs. the amount they donate or anything like that, because what's important is that they're giving at all.

Wal-Mart is donating $15 million, and various drug companies are donating money, supplies, and precious, precious drugs.

Scripps, the parent company of the CA has pledged to fully match all employee donations to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

The Red Cross reports that more than $196 million has been donated so far. That's amazing. And it's going to grow.

I hope it's enough.


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