Friday, July 4

Bozo the Clown

Like most normal people, I don't care too much for clowns. Thanks, Pennywise.

Seriously, though, my thing with clowns goes way back. I remember being a really small kid and having this Bozo the Clown doll that had a drawstring you could pull and he'd laugh maniacally, like something out of a nightmare. He was soft and squeezable everywhere except his head, which was made of hard plastic. Hundreds of curly red hairs sprouted from his skull.

I remember being tormented by that doll, and my family laughing every time his crazy laughing would send me into frightened fits.

I liked the TV show, though. Especially the part where the kids had to stand at the line and throw little white balls into little red (or where they blue?) buckets.

Weird to think that the Bozo who died today created an army in his likeness.

Sweet dreams, kids.

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Blogger LeBlanc said...

Obviously it is sad that someone passed today...but uhh, that does mean there is one less clown in the world and that makes it a better place for me. I am totally with you on that clown things. *shudder* I hate them with my soul!

Fri Jul 04, 08:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Cox said...

My mom still has a doll she won when she was on one of the local Bozo shows as a kid.

She was in a game where the boys and girls played against each other trying to pop the most balloons by, um, sitting on them. And the girls lost! Boys rule!

Mon Jul 07, 02:17:00 PM  

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