Monday, February 4


• I watched the Superbowl last night, probably for the first time (intentionally) ever. It was boring as shit until the last quarter, when I actually found myself emoting over football, and getting happy when Eli Manning did his little anti-sack dance and threw that awesome pass that turned the game around. Could have been the bottle of bubbly, could have been all the food, could have been the company I kept, but whatever it was, it was neat.

• Everyone always makes such a big to-do about Superbowl commercials, but last night's were remarkably lame. Naomi Campbell dancing to "Thriller" with CGI lizards? Talking babies? What is this, 1998? The best commercial — hands down — was the talking stain. Yes, a talking stain. It was funny because that's exactly how it feels to have a stain on your shirt. I also laughed at the man in the rat suit. Don't judge me.

• I worked out today until my face went numb. There is only one other thing on the planet that makes my face go numb and it and working out aren't even in the same league. Odd.

• My apartment building has shifted and settled or something. Our outside door is nearly impossible to open and close, and suddenly neither of my bedroom doors will latch, which means I have to barricade myself in there every night — stacking laundry baskets and clothing and cat houses in front of them — so the cats don't breach the fortress and pounce on my eyelids all night while I try to sleep.

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Blogger threehorn said...

Kick ass girl. Let us know if we can do anything to help out.. :)

Mon Feb 04, 01:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Cox said...

Super Bowl commercials = lame lame lame. And what about those racist-as-hell sales leads commercials?

Tue Feb 05, 11:34:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Oh, Cox, I forgot all about the racist ads! I forgot what companies they were for, that is. Their super-stupid stupidity stuck with me, though.


Wed Feb 06, 01:28:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Okay, my last comment makes no sense.

Sigh. Long day.

Wed Feb 06, 01:28:00 AM  
Anonymous grandefille said...

Thinking of you and your loved ones/loved places today and hoping that the worst impact on you was the all-night changing-the-front-page-17-times drill.

We send hugs and snuggles and purrs.

And you're not weird, dammit. You're you. A most excellent you, too.

(Gad, that's almost Seussian. I need to quit before I make you puke.)

Wed Feb 06, 12:21:00 PM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

I thought that was the funniest commercial, too. In fact, I don't remember laughing at another one.

Mon Feb 11, 11:41:00 AM  

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