Wednesday, June 6

What a clusterf—k of unbelievable bullshit

I knew when NiT hadn't been updated by 11:45 this morning, following this wank, that something was wrong. And now I see that Brittney's turned in her resignation.

That aforementioned wank, alongside this wank and this wank, apparently pushed Brittney to do what she'd been thinking of doing for a while: Getting the heck outta MSM blogland.

It makes me sick that an entire community of reactionary psychos would purposely misunderstand the context of the offending post just to manufacture outrage, call for heads on stakes, etc. It's especially infuriating, because it's a community of reactionary psychos I have counted myself a part of at times in the past because we are generally ideologically aligned.

But that these people can act in such ridiculous ways — calling advertisers! calling the station manager! calling Brittney "a fatter bitch than Steve was anyway"! — because they are too fucking stupid to understand the subtleties of Brittney's trademark snark (that, yes, relies in part on a keen understanding of her core readership) and her role as a human aggregator of local content — sacred and profane — just makes my blood boil.

Nice job, assholes.

Brittney, best of luck. Don't let the haters get you down.

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