Sunday, March 18

Phoning it in

Me: Hellooo!

Patrick: Hello?

Me: Hey!!!

Patrick: Hi.

Me: What are you doing? Partying?

Patrick: Yeah. We're watching home movies.

Me: Cool. Are you having fun?

Patrick: ... Who is this?

Me: It's Lindsey!

Patrick: OH, HEY!

Me: You having a big birthday?

Patrick: Yeah, we're watching a video from February.

Me: You're gonna come visit me in a couple of weeks, right?

Patrick: Yep.

Me: All right, well, sorry I couldn't make it to your party, but we'll have a big time when you come up here in a coupla weeks. Okay?

Patrick: Okay!

[It really sucks being a peripheral family member sometimes. Okay, all the time.]

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