Monday, February 26

T&A 911: Miami

reno  911

The Reno 911 movie is getting creamed over at Rotten Tomatoes, but I can assure you that the movie is ridiculous. And disgusting. And funny.

There are some parts of the movie that don't really work. You get the feeling that much of the film was improvised, which I generally tend to love, but if that's the case, then there there were actually a couple of times that they shold have kept shooting instead of settle for the slow and stilted improvised scenes they decided to leave in (Patton Oswalt and Paul Rudd explaining your plans, I'm looking at you).

I think my favorite parts of the movie involve Terry, Reno's finest gay male prostitute on wheels. He's in Miami cutting an album, and he gets some of the movie's best lines (which I can't remember, naturally).

If you are easily bored or you don't get all the jokes, the movie will try to snare your attention with periodic shots of perfectly round and symmetrical boobs (sometimes bouncy boobs!) and asses for you to stare at instead. Because, you know, you can't make a movie about Miami (or anything else) without throwing in plenty of gratuitous nudity that doesn't play for comedy, but instead plays solely for titillation, which I have to admit, makes me uncomfortable in straight-up comedies where, just ten minutes before, we were guffawing at the gargantuan thighs and ass of another woman. Fat=funny, slender=hot. We get it, movie, now leave us alone!

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