Thursday, February 15

Femail problems

I know the Daily Mail isn't a bastion of progressivism, but sometimes I'm still (naively) shocked when I click over there to read a news story and get to looking around at the place. Take their Femail section, for example.

We have another model dying from symptoms of anorexia, the "war" raging in offices between the child-free and parents, celebrity sex tryst news, and a reality show starlet's story about being beaten by her father. Click the full Femail link and be taken to a whole page of vacuous and depressing stories about the psychological torture of rape, fashion, wrinkles, a doped-up starlet, the hell of being a "kept man," and purses. All sandwiched around one story that is actually kind of interesting and important — this one about a right-to-die case involving a 30-year-old woman with a degenerative heart and lung condition and a spinal disorder. Why this story (which would be more interesting if it hadn't been written in the Daily Mail's insufferable first person, writer-as-integrat-part-of-narrative fashion) is in the Femail section — the section supposedly reserved for "fashion, beauty, relationships" — I really don't know. I suppose by sheer virtue of its having a woman in it, it qualifies. (The better and more obvious question is why does Femail suck so hard anyway?) But an icky match it makes up against that heinous tale of the dude who makes less money than his wife.

The pain that kept man must feel. Perhaps euthanasia would help him out too.

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